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When you list your car, you are earning money
while helping others navigate your city. Its a win-
win and your next big opportunity.

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Take control of your financial future while cultivating your entrepreneurial fire with DrivePadi, African largest car sharing marketplace.

DrivePadi gives budding entrepreneurs the looks and resources they need to build a small, successful portfolio of cars to share on the marketplace, and the opportunity to add thousands to their annual income

List your first car now to get started, then build your business plan and scale how you want!

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  • sign up and name your car

    On the sign-up form,you will tell us about you and your car.Give your car name,and continue to the next step.

  • Create a profile and upload photos

    If you have multiple vehicles, start by listing one or two cars to familiarize yourself with the platform, and gradually add more when you re comfortable.

  • Install DrivePadi Apps

    Our website and app are well secured for your trip transactions which are very easy to use,all our trips are insured with a comprehensive Insurance....You want to book that ride?.Drive with DrivePadi

  • Start earnings

    As soon as you enable bookings,guests can start taking trips in your car-and you can start earning money.


has your back

Insurance on
every trip


Rest easy knowing that you are covered whenever your car is in a trip booked on DrivePadi

24/7 Support,
prioritized for hosts

Dont hesitate to contact us if you ever have a problem

Dedicated account managers for power hosts.

As you grow your fleet,you will get more personalized support from a DrivePadi team member assigned to you

Predictive pricing

Let our data figure out exactly how to price bookings, so you can maximize your earnings.


Discover how much

you can earn each


Car earnings differ by make, model, calendar availability, and market.Earnings numbers and car information shown are from real hosts on DrivePadi

Now is the time.

Start hosting and
increase your income.

The time you are friving has never been more valuable.Our Host bonuses put extra money in your pocket.


When You join the worlds largest connected car sharing marketplace,you are taking advantage of your chance to earn more,even if its just a side hustle.


Become a Drivepadi Host and open up a world of opportunity