The Best and Worst City To Live In Nigeria

The Best and Worst City To Live In Nigeria

  • Kings Ghedosa
  • 31/07/2023
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Among the 36 states in Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, one name stands out among the rest, none other than Lagos. 

Lagos is known as the commercial capital of Nigeria with perhaps the busiest and largest business network, it certainly fits the bill as the best and worst city to live in Nigeria and I would tell you why. 

Lagos means a lot of things to different people and is open to people from all walks of life. Lagos is the highest employer of labour in Nigeria as the city accounts for large numbers of industries.

Lagos is a cosmopolitan society in every sense of the word. Whatever you want or need, you would get in Lagos. It is home to everyone whether you are black or white, foreign nationals have also made Lagos their home. Lagos has a higher percentage of foreign nationals in the nation because of the serenity the city affords all and sundry. Taking a trip around town, you would see several businesses established by these foreigners; clubs, schools, industries among others. 

The city is a natural habitat for social life. No city in Nigeria has the kind of urban social life Lagos has, the kind of social infrastructure in the city is simply mind-blowing. Talk about state-of-the-heart cinemas either on the mainland or the island axis of Lagos or the upscale bars and lounges within the metropolis or high-end restaurants therein, there is simply enough for everyone, whatever social class you belong to. 

In the same vein, the city of Lagos is also home to a lot of negatives, and its shocking.


Lagos is too expensive a city to live in with the rent at an all-time high, it is simply an over-priced city in terms of rent. While people troop into Lagos on a daily basis, not everyone has a place to stay. Many cast their beds under bridges, different pavements and basements, and some sleep in various places of worship, it is that bad. 

Lagos is also overpopulated with more and more people trooping into the state on a daily basis and there are no adequate plans for these people. You might want to argue that Kano is more populated than Lagos but the truth is that people don’t deliberately go to Kano with the hope and ambition of ‘making it there’. There is a general perception among people who reside outside Lagos that once they get into Lagos, they will, by all means, prosper, the reason why they come in their hundreds every month. 

The city of Lagos is also home to profound dirt and pollution. Every drainage you see within the city is a potential dump site. One would have thought that with the stature of a city like Lagos, it would be different but unfortunately it's not. Whenever rain falls, you see Lagosians in their numbers throwing their domestic dirt into nearby drainages which within a short period, clogs the highway and would inadvertently lead to flooding. 

You can’t talk about the city of Lagos and not add traffic to it in the same breath. The city is home to unwarranted, unnecessary, and avoidable traffic. Whether you live on the mainland or island, traffic is ubiquitous. Many man-hours are lost daily in the city’s traffic and it doesn’t seem like it would go away anytime soon. 

Whether you like it or not, Lagos can be an exciting city to live in with all its attendant benefits but it's certainly also the worst to live in too. Lagos is that particular city you would like to love and love to hate as well. 


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